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Orthopedic Surgery Residency

Information for Students

What to expect on your rotation:

Students will also have the opportunity to visit our main trauma hospital, St John Medical Center, which is currently in the process of being accredited as a level one trauma center. You will have the chance to cover cases with Dr. Best, our Program Director, and Dr. Afsari. Cases range from community type hip fractures to open pelvic fractures and gunshot wounds. This is a great experience. You will also attend Dr. Best's clinic.

Auditioning students will also be asked to accompany our residents on the joints/sports service at St John Providence Southfield and St John Providence Park. This is a very busy service averaging 40-60 cases per month with a distribution of 60% arthroplasty, 25% sports and 15% general trauma cases.

We spread students out across the different campuses so they have a chance to spend time with our Program Director, experience the various hospitals we cover, have a chance to meet more of the residents, and see a variety of cases. This will give you a great overview of our program. 

Also, auditions are highly recommended in order to be considered for an interview.

Medical Student Rotation Information

Marci Hamilton

Medical Student Coordinator

Ascension - St. John Providence Macomb-Oakland

[email protected]


How to Request a Rotation

step 1 - Fill out the form below.

step 2 - Follow this link to request a rotation at St. John Providence.

Thank You

For questions about the program not on the website, please email resident.

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